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In the future, there will be an information sheet on each topic. Until then please email Cristin with questions:

Mother's Health: Rh Factor
Mother's Health: Strep B
Mother's Health: Prenatal Testing

Intervention: Stripping the Membranes
Intervention: Breaking the Waters
Intervention: Cathetar
Intervention: Cesarean
Intervention: Electronic Fetal Monitoring
Intervention: Enema
Intervention: Epidural
Intervention: Episiotomy
Intervention: Induction of Labor
Intervention: I.V.
Intervention: Narcotics
Intervention: Shaving
Intervention: TENs Machine

Birth: Alternative Pain Options
Birth: Interventions for Pain
Birth: Natural Pure Birth
Birth: Positions for Labor
Birth: Water Birth

Baby Care: Bathing
Baby Care: Bonding
Baby Care: Bottle Feeding
Baby Care: Breastfeeding
Baby Care: Burping
Baby Care: Changing
Baby Care: Communication (Dunstan Baby Language, Sign Language)
Baby Care: Circumcision
Baby Care: Cord Care
Baby Care: Pacifiers
Baby Care: Sign Language
Baby Care: Sleep (Attachment Parenting, Five Ss for a Happy Baby)

Specific Topics of Interest:
30+ Years Old and Pregnant
Aromatherapy and Herbs for Pregnancy, Birth and Labor
Nutrition for Pregnancy and Birth
Professional Labor Support
Sexual Abuse Impacts on Pregnant Women


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