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If interested, please complete the contact form, ideally before third trimester.

Doula” means “ woman’s servant” in Greek. Doulas “promote high quality labor and postpartum support as an effective means to improve maternal and child health” (according to DONA International)A doula’s job is to advocate for and support you before, during and after birth, by providing emotional and physical support, as well as quality information for you and your partner. 

Doula services: assure constant companionship during labor, decreasing the length of labor so it's easier; improve the birth experience for you and partners; enhance bonding between you and your child; nurture your family by easing the transition into parenthood; and overall help you and your baby be healthier and happier during this sacred time.


Labor/Birth Doula Services

Offered now in Jupiter, Palm Beaches & Tequesta, FL

Before birth: your birth plan, understand labor's progression, and learning breathing, relaxation and comfort positions.
During labor and birth: continuous companionship and advocacy, information on what's happening,
assistance managing and easing pain, practical help for your partner and early breastfeeding support.

After birth: reviewing and celebrating the birth experience and creating a smooth transition to life with your new baby.

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Postpartum Doula Services

Offered Mon-Fri 8am-2pm in 
Jupiter, Palm Beaches & Tequesta, FL. Evenings/weekends upon request.

At the hospital and/or your home: to provide practical information to ease the transition to life
with your newborn, to parenthood and as a family. Assistance includes: postpartum care for mom,
baby care/feeding, breastfeeding techniques/follow up for success, household help,
resources for organizing life with a baby, community networks, and help returning to work.

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