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Conscious Empowered Birth
birth stories collective

women together
writing past birth stories
and intentionally re-writing
the future of birth

truth * vulnerability * healing * transformation * inspiration * empowerment

This idea came in a timeless moment of meditation... women sharing their birth stories in mass, online and in a book, speaking from around the world, openly and vulnerably for self-healing or in service to others who need to heal... to inspire and empower and transform... as a way to honor the the divine feminine and to grow the ideology of the feminine archetype into today.

We all feel globally women rising up and speaking bravely, telling their truths, saying what they need and standing tall for their children, possibilities and potential of the human race, and for the future of this planet.

Birth as a conversation has lost women's voices... so often the media, the system, medical institutions and sci ideology let the patriarchal voice rule the deep feminine instinct, knowing, intuition and power of women to birth.

Sadly, both idolizing or replicating the Western scientific "ideal", and cultures that diminish women's voices through much of the world, women are disempowered. At times, women have birth experiences which are not ideal, not what we wanted and are not what are best for the health and wellness of ourselves and our children. Sometimes though, we have birth experiences that are amazingly empowering and beautiful, full of ease and light as we transform ourselves into mothers and amazing parents. But in both cases, women are quiet and don't share.

It is time for these stories, the stories of the births of our children and of ourselves as mothers.... this wisdom is deeply needed! Together, we share, listen, heal, inspire... uplifting ourselves into a visionary new possibility for women, babies and birth.

Do you want to tell your birth story,
with the intention of being heard, seen and known
remembering with awe, own
ing your power
being vulnerable
contribute to empowering and healing women globally
by remembering the spirit of birth 
transforming the birthscape
by accelerating the remembering

of the divine feminine and
inspiring the future to know themselves and their power
as graceful, powerful women and mothers.

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