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Conscious Empowered Birth
birth coaching

Birth coaching empowers you to address questions and concerns and make appropriate decisions, so you choose your pregnancy and birth experience.

Coaching is for those trying to get pregnant, for managing pregnancy, for understanding the birth process and creating a birth plan, and afterward for processing the birth experience (including unexpected outcomes), and/or to ease you through life as a new parent with a baby.

You will get information and advice, but more importantly, you are heard and can empower yourself. Coaching gives you access to knowing what to expect, as well as helping you find both inner resources and external support to positively transition from amazing pregnancy, to birth and into parenthood.

Coaching happens through a series of calls (or meetings) and unlimited email support that focus on your priorities. Typically, calls are weekly for 60 minutes, but if you are near the end of pregnancy or want urgent support, it is possible more often.

You will be empowered and energized to choose your goals, overcome obstacles and co-create a plan to achieve them!

Offered Mon-Fri 8am-2pm, currently given pandemic preferably via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype, or by phone.
Limited evenings/weekend availability upon request.
Fees: $75 per hour with two hour minimum.

Please reach Cristin with questions and/or to book a call. Coaching starts any time, ideally before third trimester.


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