Conscious Empowered Birth

You deserve support to be healthy and happy during pregnancy, labor, birth and after.

Birth is a natural, beautiful and spiritual process, which must
honor women's intuition, inner strength and body wisdom.

Our services support you in making decisions to choose the birth you want,
which brings joy and ease to mothering and also to nurturing your newborn baby.


* Birth Coaching provides understanding of labor/birth, so you are confident and empowered.
* Birth Plans help you choose how you want birth to be and give your voice power.
* Childbirth Education gives confidence in your abilities and teaches your partner how to support you safely and comfortably.
* Doula Services provide support during labor, as well as after birth at your home
* Yoga assures you peace of mind and strength for birth, enhances bonding with your baby, and accelerates healing.


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