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birth plans

Ideally you have a Birth Plan because it assures that you will more likely get the birth you want. Creating a Birth Plan allows you to consciously choose the birth for you and your baby. It is the best way to share your preferences with your health care providers.

Modern technology, corporate care and patriarchal doctoring see birth as a medical "problem" requiring intervention. Technology can be a gift, if complications or emergencies arise. But, in normal birth, medical interventions cause problems; each intervention carries risks to you and your baby, as well as benefits. Also, each intervention increases the likelihood for another, so risks cascade. If you do not specify what you want, the choices made may not be best for you, but focused on efficiency and reduced liability of health care providers.

Birth is a natural process. Most women who have normal pregnancies, without serious complications, have the inner strength and body wisdom to successfully birth to their babies. This can happen with limited or no medical intervention, if women are given time and needed support. You deserve to make your own choices about managing pain and what it will be like for you and your baby during labor, at birth and after the birth.

Birth planning may seem overwhelming if you know little about pregnancy and birth. You can have a Birth Plan with little effort - through an online questionnaire, information sheets on interventions and other topics, and coaching (if you want). You will have information to clarify your goals and choose what you want to happen in your birth, especially if anything unexpected occurs.

Birth is a transformational process that can be very empowering for women who are satisfied with their birth experience. Completing a Birth Plan will help assure the best outcome. Please complete the contact form to begin the process, ideally before third trimester.


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